1. Money

Common Problems in Growing a Consulting Business

Sure, you hope that your business grows without encountering any problems. Realistically, there are going to be a few bumps along the way. The secret to overcoming the small hurdles is to be prepared. Use these resources to help smooth the way for your growing business.

Realizing the Value of Project Management
Whether you are applying project management techniques within your own organization or within that of a client company, the first step requires promoting the value that project management offers. For many people, the idea of a structured process represents change, which is often unwelcome; and it is thought to be overly burdensome and even costly. In reality, successful project management offers …

Deciding When It's Worthwhile to Collaborate
An opportunity to collaborate with another consultant may seem like a winning proposition on the surface. However, teaming with other professionals can actually require more of your time and end up costing you money on a project. That's why it's important to consider all the implications of collaboration before heading into a jointly-managed project. How do you decide if it is worthwhile to team up with a collegue? Use these three basic rules of collaboration as a guideline.

Gain Extra Billable Hours in Your 8-Hour Workday
By following these quick strategy tips, you can easily gain an extra two hours of billable time in your normal consulting workday by controlling those pesky administrative tasks.

Five Quick Tips for Exercising at Your Office
Finding time to run a business and stay fit is easy with these simple and quick exercises you can do at work.

Resolving Client Concerns
When a client takes issue with the results of a project or how your company handled the process, it's up to you to smooth things over again. There are basic actions you can take to work toward successful conflict resolution.

Top Security Threats from Spyware
As a consultant, you are privy to sensitive client data that is often stored on your business computers, along with passwords and account numbers from your own business. And that makes you vulnerable to security risks, such as identify theft. Using spyware, cyber thieves are watching and ready to steal valuable data from your computer. What threat does spyware pose to your consulting business?

Traps to Avoid When Working Pro Bono
Providing pro bono service is a popular way to build a business, but knowing the most common traps to avoid when giving away your service could save your business.

Overcoming "No" Before You Hear It
Anticipating the word "no" from a sales call before dialing the number is almost a guarantee you will hear it. Nina Ham discusses how to handle this destructive self-doubt and other conversation stoppers that bring sales and marketing efforts to a halt.

Overcoming the Cold Call Blues
Sometimes the rigorous structure of a cold-call script can deminish the effectiveness of the call. Ari Galper helps you be yourself and increase the your cold calling results.

Boosting Cash Flow with Transaction Processing
Paper invoices aren't the only option for billing clients. Contributor, William Hamilton shares collection strategies that utilize accounts receivables services.

Using Stress to Your Benefit
Juggling a growing business and a personal life adds up to occassional bouts of stress. This article from Small Business: Canada Guide, Susan Ward is ready to help make stress work for you.

Keep Your Client Data Protected
You have a firewall and anti-virus program, but spyware may still be infiltrating your computer. Is your data, or that of your clients being compromised? Find out about the top spyware risks.

Strategies for Resolving Client Concerns
It's not unusual for a client to occassionally take issue with a project. Using these strategies for dealing with and resolving client concerns can prevent a small concern from beginning a bigger problem.

7 Consulting Business Insurance Types to Consider
Don’t make the mistake that many do of skimping on the right business insurance policies—find out which ones you can afford and are essential for your business.

How to Get Hired by a Consulting Firm
If you're looking to join a consulting firm rather than becoming an independent consultant, there are pros and cons. Here are a few points to consider when deciding what to do.

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