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As you evolve beyond the start-up phase of your consulting/freelance business, the goal becomes a balancing act of managing daily operational needs with stragegic actions that facilitate future growth. These resources provide you assistance with issues such as your short and long-term marketing efforts; development opportunities that include working with partners, expanding services and spotting trends; and maintaining and developing your expertise through certification, training and other professional development opportunities.
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Marketing Strategies

From writting your first marketing plan to becoming an expert source quoted in the media, effective marketing and PR strategies should help grow your consulting business. These resources provide the information you need to expand name recognition for your business, identify advertising and PR initiatives, and develop sales and marketing strategies that increase revenue.

Business Development Opportunities

Part of managing your business is not only seeking new growth opportunities but deciding which ones are best for you as a consultant/freelancer. These resources provide information on everything from choosing a business partner and trading referrals with other professionals to spotting trends and integrating new services into your business.

Certification and Professional Development

Becoming certified as an expert is an important way to lend your business credibility and help expand your consulting opportunities. Certifications are available in areas as broad as project management for all consultants to very specific technical skills for IT professionals. In addition to achieving the stamp of approval of certification from an accredited source, you can also broaden your skillset and expertise through training, seminars and by joining professional associations.

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