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Quick Follow-up Strategies to Win Clients


Be creative with the art of following up with a client. It's your opportunity to get your foot in the door - again, and continue to gain top of mind awareness. Below are a few quick tips for simple and quick follow up strategies.

Prepare a hand-written thank you card - in advance. The biggest complaint about writing a "real" thank you card is that there's not enough time for things such as that. Not true. There's always time to write a note. To make sure, write a general thank you before you go to the initial prospect meeting. Place a stamp on it and carry it with you. Following the meeting, stop by a post office box and drop it in. The timely deliver will duely impress your prospective client.

Send a text message. If you are truly short on time, or have poor handwriting, opt for a less personal but equally effective thank you. Send a text message to the prospective client's cell phone thanking them for their time. To prevent the call from feeling intrusive, include a link to your website to obtain a free white paper or other small perk. This interaction doubles as a way to further engage your prospect with a specific action.

Schedule a follow-up meeting. At the same time you set the appointmenet for an initial meeting, go ahead and schedule a tentative follow-up meeting. Explain to the future client that there is no obligation to keep the second appointment and they can cancel if the first meeting doesn't go well. Since it's likely to be forgotten, you'll need to call the customer to confirm the next meeting. This provides a strong reason to follow-up and offers another opportunity for interaction.

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