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Expanding the Business

When you are ready to grow your consulting/freelance business to the next level, check out these resources for attracting more clients, adding new services, hiring employees, and more.

Gain New Clients with Referrals from Existing Clients
Customer referrals are an important tool for gaining new business. Existing clients can be the best resource for an unending pool of quality referrals.

Attracting More Customers with Podcasts
Expanding into new markets has become easier thanks to technology. Sometimes, tapping into that next hot market is a matter of reaching out through Podcasts, as this About.com Guide demonstrates.

Using Organizational Charts as a Growth Tool
As your business develops, a standard organizational chart may be necessary. Management Guide F. John Reh explains how non-traditional organizational charts can also be used to prompt growth.

Reach New Clients through Speaking Opportunities
Find quick tips to polish your speaking skills and win over new clients. Darrell Zahorsky provides this resource for delivering improved presentations to clients.

Hiring and Retaining: The Employee Life Cycle
When it's time to expand and start hiring employees, this article discusses the four stages in the life cycle of an employee.

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