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Freelancing can provide an ideal alternative to a traditional job, offering flexibility and independence. Managing a freelance business takes effort and these articles and tips are sure to give your freelance career guidance in the right direction.

Finding Legitimate Freelance Opportunities
Finding legitimate freelance opportunities online is easy if you know what to look for and where to search. Find your next legitimate freelance job by following this list of Do Nots, in part two of this article series.

Finding Legitimate Freelance Opportunities
The Internet provides easy access to freelance job opportunities, but it can also lead to many scams, or clients who are simply looking to get something for nothing. How do you protect yourself? Finding legitimate freelance work online is easy, if you follow these basic tips.

Top 6 Benefits of Joining a Freelancers Union
Working for yourself has advantages, but even freelancers and other self-employed workers still need outside support. Joining a freelancers union is one way to gain access to services, benefits and other perks that may not otherwise be available when you work as an independent contractor. Unlike other unions, freelancers unions are relatively new and are more like professional trade organizations…

Top Eight Ways to Overcome Common Hurdles of Freelancing
Working as a freelancer can be challenging. Among the most common problems for those just getting started is developing good time management skills and learning to balance all your new responsibilities. When working solo, staying focused and completing projects on time is critical. Equally important is maintaining your workload from existing customers while also securing new work to keep the busi…

Simple Steps for Managing a Project
Managing a freelance project successfully is simple when following these basic steps, as outlined by F. John Reh, About.com Guide for Management.

Overcome the Casual Dress Delimma on the Spur of the Moment
Be prepared for the last-minute meeting with this dressing for success tip.

Spotting a Freelance Niche with Growth Potential
Freelancers serving a niche market can be a competitive advantage if the hot concept proves to be a trend with staying power.

Creating a Name for Yourself
You may be flying solo as a freelancing professional, but that doesn't mean you can't stand behind a great name. Scott Allen walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a memorable name for your freelance business.

Increasing Results with Time Tracking Software
When working with billable hours, there are only so many in a day. Make the most of those hours by managing your time wisely. Five of the top time tracking programs are reviewed by Susan Ward.

Writing an Agreement for Freelance Services
Before agreeing to take on that new project, get the details in writing. Apryl Duncan explains how to write a binding freelance contract.

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