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Getting Started with a Consulting/Freelance Career

Making the decision to start a freelancing career or consulting business is a big step, but it doesn't have to be difficult. These start-up resources will help put you on the right track.

10 Tips for Setting Up Your First Home Office
Working from home offers many advantages - from the flexibility of setting your own schedule to saving time and gas money by virtually eliminating your daily commute. However, being successful in a home office requires creating an office space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. Consider the following tips to help define a professional working space for your ne…

Determining If Your Home Is Zoned for Business
When starting a home-based business, you must first determine if you can legally operate a business from your house. Local zoning laws may restrict the type of business, if any, allowed in a neighborhood. Even when there are zoning restrictions, a variance can usually be granted, allowing an exception to operate. It is often a matter of whether or not a business will be a nuisance to other homeow…

Top Business Consulting Franchises
Looking for a consulting business? Consider franchising with one of these top business consulting franchises to provide products and services for small and midsize businesses (SMB). Franchising is an easy alternative to starting your own consulting firm from scratch.

Top 10 Creative Freelance Careers
When searching for the perfect business opportunity, experts advise following your passion. For those with an artistic eye, you can easily turn a flare for the creative into a thriving freelance career. You may prefer a more traditional arts and crafts interest, such as custom pottery or blown glasswork. However, you can just as easily take a more typical freelancing opportunity and add a creativ…

Developing a Proposal to Close the Sale
Writing a strong proposal is the final step in closing the sale with a client. Learn the most important components to include when writing a proposal.

Primary Funding Resources for Business Start-up Costs
When financing a new business, it pays to be creative. Traditional lending sources, such as banks, can be an option for those with good credit and collateral. For other entrepreneurs, alternative funding sources are also available.

Consulting vs. Freelance
There are subtle differences between being a consultant and being a freelancer. Learn why the differences matter and then decide whether consulting or freelance is better for your business model.

How to Approach Clients You Want to Work With
Grow your consulting business by targeting new clients, using these top six most-effective ways to approach your prospective customer.

Top Factors in Determining Your Hourly Rate
Establishing the correct fee for your services is critical when starting a freelancing or consulting business. Setting a price usually begins by asking yourself the following. How much are your services worth? How much are clients willing to pay for them? Your hourly rate will probably fall somewhere in-between the answers to those two...

Buy a Consulting Franchise
Buying a franchise can be a good way to start a consulting business. Before you sign the contract, consider all the factors that determine whether or not franchising is the right decision for you.

Ways to Land Your First Consulting Job
Making the transition from a full time job to a consulting career can seem like a risky financial move. By converting your former boss into your first client you can start your business with a paying customer.

Business Plan Software Overview
Before you invest in business plan software for your start-up, read Shari Waters overview of buying software to help you write a business plan.

Understanding Your Market: Market Analysis 101
Better understand your market by conducting a situational analysis. Contributor, Alex Margarit provides a basic overview for analyzing a market and incorporating it into your overall marketing strategy.

Learning to Wi-Fi to Work Remotely
Working remotely from coffee houses is part of the joy of freelancing. Before you head out the door, follow Catherine Roseberry's simple instructions for setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

Determining Your Hourly Rate
Setting a fixed, hourly rate is a necessity as a consultant. And there are several common factors which influence how much you can or should charge, as discussed in this article.

5 Productivity Tools for Your Consulting Practice
Productivity is key to growing a strong consulting business. Your business should always be trying to grow and improve by having the right software.

8 Steps to Branding Your Consulting Practice
Follow our guidelines when selecting your consulting business brand. When people see your consulting practice, the first thing they see is your name.

Consultant Strengths vs. Consultant Weaknesses
We all naturally possess strengths and weaknesses, but in reality, we don’t. What we do possess are natural talents and non-talents.

How To Create Great Brochures
Brochures can be an important part of any branding or marketing strategy. They convey who you are, what you do, and show off your professionalism.

What's a Consultants True Purpose?
Consulting isn't just telling someone what to do. Your job is to ensure the objectives toward your clients goal and improve their overall condition.

What are the 4 Best Business Structures for Consultants?
As a business consultant, focus on ways to maximize your profits and minimize tax burdens by choosing the best business structure for your company.

The Risks and Rewards of Starting a Consulting Business
Starting a Consulting practice has its risks and rewards. This guide will help to decide if being an independent business consultant is right for you.

Profitable Consulting Tips for Dealing With Hagglers
Consultants don't realize that when you lower your consulting fee, you've enabled a behavior that will cost you money and jeopardize your practice.

How to Create a Great Consulting Business Plan
A business plan is dynamic and designed to be modified as the business grows. Its structure is flexible. Your business plan needs to be quick and effective.

Blogging for Consultants [Part 2]
Blogs should not be thought of as fancy marketing brochures. They’re an almost unmatched way to bring prospects to you and interact with them.

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