1. Money

Marketing and Networking

When you are ready to market your business, these resources provide a wealth of information on spreading the word about your services and getting more customers.

Ways to Develop a More Effective Customer Testimonial
When your customer is willing to give you glowing remarks for a job well-done, make sure these key points are covered for a truly effective customer testimonial.

Get Your Consulting Business Mentioned in Articles
A quick tip to getting PR for your consulting business.

Tracking Results with Marketing Metrics
Not only is it important to market your business, but it is equally imperative to track results. Jeremy Cohen explains how to make more money using marketing metrics.

Making Your Web Site Work for You
Is your Web site an effective tool for your business? About.com Guide, Susan Ward shows how to get the most from your online presence.

Using a Marketing Calendar to Prompt Promotions
Map out your annual marketing goals with a tool of the trade - the marketing calendar. Breaking down long-term goals into weekly and monthly objectives keeps your marketing plan on track. Use this tool from About.com Marketing Guide, Laura Lake.

6 Simple Steps to A Great Consultant Headshot
A great professional consultant headshot can make a world of difference in the prospects you attract and the business you receive.

Improve Your Consulting Image With Professional Email and Business Cards
Create open channels for your consulting prospects to communicate with you, while consistently reinforcing your brand to create a professional consulting image.

Do Consultants Need a Website? [Part 2]
How to create an effective consultant website, that is a lead generating magnet and turns prospects into leads and paying customers.

How To Create Great Brochures
Brochures can be an important part of any branding or marketing strategy. They convey who you are, what you do, and show off your professionalism.

Why Branding is Vital to Your Consulting Business
Creating a brand image should be your first step. Integrate your unique identity into your marketing through business cards, website and social media.

What’s the best form of marketing for consultants?
Education based marketing is delivered to clients through written materials, publicity, seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, websites, and videos.

The 3 Golden Rules to More Consulting Clients
The golden rule to education based marketing is to give it away for free. But if you give the solution away, then why would they need you anymore?

Attract More Consulting Clients Using Social Media
Social media provides a way to educate your tribe. To build a profitable consulting practice you need to use several social media channels together.

How to Get More Consulting Prospects by Blogging
Blogging is a targeted and often well networked marketing method for consultants that requires much less time than print or video marketing.

Blogging for Consultants [Part 2]
Blogs should not be thought of as fancy marketing brochures. They’re an almost unmatched way to bring prospects to you and interact with them.

How to Market Your Consulting Business by Writing and Speaking
Two consultant marketing strategies are article writing and public speaking. Don’t deviate from education-based marketing if you want great results.

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