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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Consulting/Freelance: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Creative Freelance Careers: Turn Your...
Start your own business and follow your passion working for yourself in one of these top 10 creative twists on freelance career opportunities.
What Is a Retainer Fee?
Definition of retainer fee. Consulting / Freelance.
The Important Difference Between Consulting and...
There are subtle differences between being a consultant and being a freelancer. Learn why the differences matter and then decide whether consulting or freelance is better for your business model.
Want to Own a Franchise? Be Ready to Pay This Fee
View the definition of royalty fee.
10 Tips for Setting Up Your First Home Office
Before you can enjoy the perks of working from home, you need to set up a home office that is functional and efficient and that works for your home-based business.
Need a Business Mentor? These Consulting Firms...
Looking for a consulting business? Consider franchising with one of these top business consulting franchises to provide products and services for small and midsize businesses (SMB). Franchising is an easy alternative to starting your own consulting firm from scratch.
Top Factors in Determining Your Hourly Rate
One of the challenges in starting a freelance or consulting business is determining a billing rate for your clients. Use these common factors to help decide how much you should charge for your work.
Benefits of Developing a Written Contract
A written contract is more than a binding legal agreement. Among the many benefits of a signed document, it is an opportunity to define the client-consultant relationship. Learn more about the advantages of putting your terms in writing.
Why Do Consultants Need CRM Software?
Why do consultants need a CRM? Ben Tristem specializes in helping business owners understand technology that makes their business more successful.
10 Growing Niche Markets for Consultants
Niche markets are proving to be lucrative for consultants who are interested in specializing in a highly-focused area of expertise. Explore 10 of the fastest-growing trends and niche markets currently offering untapped opportunity for forward-thinking consultants.
Purchase Orders
Find the definition of Purchase Order.
4 Benefits of Earning Project Management...
Project Management Professional PMP, Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM are among project management certifications offered by the Project Management Institute. Find out the benefits of becoming certified and why it is important to your career as a consultant.
Project Management Organizations and Resources
List of leading project management organizations and resources for professional development and certification for project managers.
Top <!-- \$ITEM_COUNT --> Traps to Avoid...
Providing pro bono service is a popular way to build a business, but knowing the most common traps to avoid when giving away your service could save your business.
Consultant Strengths vs. Consultant Weaknesses
We all naturally possess strengths and weaknesses, but in reality, we don’t. What we do possess are natural talents and non-talents.
Realizing the Value of Project Management
Successful project management is crucial in any organization but it can still be a hard sell to key decision makers. Understanding and realizing the value of project management is the first step to bringing project management into a business.
Determining If Your Home Is Zoned for Business
When starting a homebased business you first need to determine if you can legally operate a business from your house. Zoning laws restrict the type of homebased business, if any, you can operate in a neighborhood. Are you at risk? These guidelines help determine if your business will qualify for a variance.
What are the 4 Best Business Structures for...
As a business consultant, focus on ways to maximize your profits and minimize tax burdens by choosing the best business structure for your company.
Ways to Land Your First Consulting Job
Making the transition from a full time job to a consulting career can seem like a risky financial move. By converting your former boss into your first client you can start your business with a paying customer.
Consulting Agreement
Find the definition for consulting agreement.
Developing a Proposal to Close the Sale
Writing a strong proposal is the final step in closing the sale with a client. Learn the most important components to include when writing a proposal.
Balanced Scorecard
Find the definition of Balanced Scorecard, a popular measurement system used in consulting.
Insurance for Your Home-based Consulting Business
Many times, consultants working from a home office assume that a standard homeowners policy will cover losses related to a home-based business. Unfortunately, that is not the case. To mitigate your risks, make sure you understand these three important insurance poilicies for home-based business professionals.
Letter of Understanding
Find the defintion of LOU or Letter of Understanding.
What Is a 1099 Form?
Learn what forms are required by the IRS to show earnings as a freelancer.
Primary Funding Resources for Business Start-up...
When financing a new business, it pays to be creative. Traditional lending sources, such as banks, can be an option for those with good credit and collateral. For other entrepreneurs, alternative funding sources are also available.
How to Charge For Your Consulting Services
All consultants need to know how to set consulting fees. it's crucial to your business. Project-based and retainer fees are the most profitable.
The Risks and Rewards of Starting a Consulting...
Starting a Consulting practice has its risks and rewards. This guide will help to decide if being an independent business consultant is right for you.
Top Security Threats from Spyware
Protect your business from cyber thieves by learning the top threats spyware poses to your consulting business and your clients.
5 Productivity Software Apps for Your...
Productivity is key to growing a strong consulting business. Your business should always be trying to grow and improve by having the right software.
Top <!-- \$ITEM_COUNT --> Ways Consultants...
As a service provider, consultants sometimes hesitate to increase fees as they would if selling a product. When it's warranted, an increase is easy to justify to clients.
The 6 Most Effective Ways to Approach a...
Grow your consulting business by targeting new clients, using these six highly effective ways of approaching a prospective customer.
SEO Consultant
What is an SEO Consultant? Find out what an SEO Consultant does.
SWOT Analysis
Find the definition of SWOT analysis.
Top Eight Ways to Overcome Common Hurdles of...
Get the top tips to overcome the most common challenges of freelancing.
Top <!-- \$ITEM_COUNT --> Hot Trends in...
Discover if your expertise could be put to use providing professional guidance in one of these trendy new areas for consulting and freelancing.
Consultant Marketing: Finding Your Voice in a...
How to get your consulting business noticed and become profitable. Push forward. You'll find your marketing voice and people will listen.
Contingency Fees
Should you accept work on contingency? Learn what contingency fees means.
Finding Legitimate Freelance Opportunities
The Internet provides easy access to freelance job opportunities, but it can also lead to many scams, or clients who are simply looking to get something for nothing. How do you protect yourself? Finding legitimate freelance work online is easy, if you follow these basic tips.
Top <!-- \$ITEM_COUNT --> Components of a...
When your customer is willing to give you glowing remarks for a job well-done, make sure these key points are covered for a truly effective customer testimonial.
How Email Marketing Saved My Consulting Business
Email marketing is most effective at acquiring new customers. The United Front Strategy was created for business consultants with educational content.
The 8 People You Are Bound to Encounter at The...
As a freelancer, you’ve got a room with a view, so here are the eight people you’re likely to run into on those occasional workplace trips.
Non-disclosure Agreement
Definition of a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)or confidentiality agreement.
5 Things That Absolutely Kill Your Productivity
Freelance work requires a great deal of self-motivation and personal accountability. Here are some of the most productivity-killing pitfalls to avoid.
7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Consulting Image
Create open channels for your consulting prospects to communicate with you, while consistently reinforcing your brand to create a professional consulting image.
Top 3 Consulting Fee Methods to Maximize Your...
There are 3 ways to approach your consulting fees, ranging from charging by the hour to more defined methods like charging by project or setting up retainer fees.
8 Steps to Branding Your Consulting Practice
Follow our guidelines when selecting your consulting business brand. When people see your consulting practice, the first thing they see is your name.
Consulting Fees and Self Confidence
Poor consulting profits have less to do with a lack of understanding consulting and more to do with a lack of confidence.
A Consultants Guide to Podcasting
Podcast marketing is audio broadcasts over the internet that can be downloaded to any mp3 player or on websites to be listened to from your computer.
Top 6 Benefits of Joining a Freelancers Union
Working for yourself holds many benefits, but even freelancers and other self-employed workers occasionally need additional support. Becoming a member of a freelancers union, or other professional associations within your industry, can provide access to some important benefits.
The Best Websites for Landing Freelance Work
You can find work, but freelancers know that bad clients run rampant online. Here are some of the best websites to help you find reputable work.
How to Create Stunning Video Marketing...
Create consultant presentations and videos that educate and inspire your clients and prospects by creating authority and trust in your work.
What is a URL? Get the definition and find out if you need a URL of your own.
Relationship-Based Pricing
Find out how relationships impact pricing.
6 Simple Steps to A Great Consultant Headshot
A great professional photograph can make a world of difference. Take the time to do it right, and you’ll be impressed by the results.
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Learn more about Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
Find the definition for royalties.
7 Psychological Reasons Why People Buy Your Stuff
Discover the psychological reasons why people buy your services or products and how they can be used to help communicate with clients and prospects.
Resolving Client Concerns
When a client takes issue with the results of a project or how your company handled the process, it's up to you to smooth things over again. There are basic actions you can take to work toward successful conflict resolution.
Consultants Can Justify a Price Increase
As a service provider, consultants sometimes hesitate to increase fees as they would if selling a product. When it's warranted, an increase is easy to justify to clients.
Top 10 Things You Must Do To Succeed as a...
The New year is almost upon us and most businesses consultants have their eyes set on big goals. Here are 10 tips to promote your consulting business.
Why You Should Be Blogging
Blogging can be an easy and efficient way to promote yourself and your services. It’s also a great way to keep you relevant to your prospects.
How to Negotiate Your Consulting Fees for...
These client fee negotiation tactics create less stress and greater profits by focusing on your clients needs and eliminating less profitable options.
Before You Buy a Consulting Franchise
Buying a franchise can be a good way to start a consulting business. Before you sign the contract, consider all the factors that determine whether or not franchising is the right decision for you.
Why Branding is Vital to Your Consulting Business
Creating a brand image should be your first step. Integrate your unique identity into your marketing through business cards, website and social media.
3 Ways a Consultant Should Say NO
Saying No is sometimes the best course of action. If you can’t say no at the right times, to the wrong things, your business can suffer significantly.
5 Factors to Consider When Becoming a Consultant
A consultant is an asset to companies because of their ability to solve problems within a business or with goals they've not achieved on their own.
Why Consultants Should Stick Their Necks Out...
Hiding behind a logo is not the best way to acquire new prospects and create the level of trust that is needed to become a well paid consultant.
Invoicing Your Clients for Consistent Profits
Invoicing is something that should be done before you start delivering your consulting work. A big mistake is to deliver the invoice afterwards.
Skip the Coffee Shop and Get More Work Done at...
As a consultant or freelancer, things can get stale working at one spot. Find someplace different to work; malls, parks, libraries or coffee shops.
How to Create a Great Consulting Business Plan
A business plan is dynamic and designed to be modified as the business grows. Its structure is flexible. Your business plan needs to be quick and effective.
5 Perks of Being A Full Time Freelancer
Take the plunge into freelancing and prepare yourself for a wild ride. Here are some unexpected perks of freelancing that you might not have expected.
How to Get People to Listen and Buy From You
By understanding your prospects communication and buying style, you can increase your chances of making consistent sales of your consulting services.
7 Profitable Consulting Tips for Dealing With...
Consultants don't realize that when you lower your consulting fee, you've enabled a behavior that will cost you money and jeopardize your practice.
How to Deal With Taxes as a Freelancer
Taxes for freelancers are certainly more complicated ball game than most of the workforce plays. In the end, I find it infinitely more rewarding.
Why, When, and How to Increase Your Consulting...
Discover the best methods of calculating and raising your consulting fees to increase revenue and profit for your independent consulting business.
Quick Follow-up Strategies to Win Clients
Use these quick tips for effective follow-up with prospective clients.
Basic Tips for Making Payments Easier
There are some pretty basic steps you can take to help regulate your freelance income and remove the guesswork from anticipating your revenue.
How To Work Less and Still Be More Productive
We think in order to be more productive, we have to do more to succeed.The idea of doing more to get more has been ingrained in our heads from birth.
The Consultant's Financial Survival Guide for...
The Profitable Consultant's Guide contains some of the most important financial strategies you'll need in order to become a consulting success in 2015
5 Steps to How Consultants Use The Diagnostic...
where old sales techniques seek to get the prospect to take something from you, this technique gets them to ask you to give them something.
Find the definition for outsourcing.
Does a Consultant Need an Office?
Whether a consultant needs an office is a popular question that is often asked by new and veteran consultants alike.
Using Press Releases to Market Your Consulting...
Once you’ve written your fresh new press release, share it with as many outlets as possible. Below is a list of top places to submit your press release. Every single one of them is completely free.
Guerilla Marketing
Increase results of your marketing efforts by learning what it means to use guerilla marketing techniques.
How to Sell Your Products and Services Quickly
When dealing with certain clients, you can move more quickly and have a shorter sales cycle which results in an increase in consulting clients.
4 Sneaky Ways to Talk People into Buying From You
Realize just how differently you'll need to communicate with a prospect depending on their unique buying style; Dominant, Stabilizing, Interactive, or Cautious.
3 Essential Tools to Diagnose Your Consulting...
Here are several consulting tools and an overview of the 3 types of diagnostic profiles. Behavioral, Motivational, and Organizational consulting profiles.
Why Every Consultant Should Write a Book
As a consultant, the key to writing a book effectively is to ask - What is my objective? Why do I want to write a book? How will I publish my book?
3 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your...
Sharpening your writing skills is the best way to ensure continued freelance success. Here are 3 easy ways to improve your freelance writing today.
3 Quick Steps to Avoid Consultant Marketing...
Consultants struggle how to market themselves. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure you’re marketing you and your business efficiently.
Phishing Scams
Phishing scams. Consulting / Freelance.
Spotting a Freelance Niche with Growth Potential
Freelancers serving a niche market can be a competitive advantage if the hot concept proves to be a trend with staying power.
2 Big Mistakes that Destroy Your Consulting...
You are not a product. Even though selling services isn't uncommon, As a consultant, you're in a position where you're selling yourself as a service.
Identity Theft
What is identity theft? You may be at risk.
Do Consultants Need a Website?
It’s 2014, and if you don’t have a web presence, you’re dead. In today’s connected world, it shouldn't be hard to see why they're wrong.
How to Get Hired by a Consulting Firm
If you're looking to join a consulting firm rather than becoming an independent consultant, there are pros and cons. Here are a few points to consider when deciding what to do.
What Phone Systems Offer the Best Services and...
What can make or break your consulting business is the phone service you choose. Such things are so commonly considered minor, insignificant details.
What is a webinar? Find out here.
Request for Proposal
Request for Proposal. Consulting / Freelance.
Learn the difference between a freelancer and a permalancer.
Word of Mouth Marketing
Learn the definition of Word of Mouth Marketing and find out what has customers talking.
Making the Best of Your Social Media Marketing
Something as simple as an effective social media presence can really make or break your consultant marketing strategy.
Click Bait Avoidance: Your Readers Will Thank You
Click bait drives news but at what cost to your blog if they leave? Learn to craft valuable content that keeps your website readers wanting more.
The 4 Best Ways to Share and Store Your Files
4 cloud-based file sharing apps that you can use to quickly and efficiently send files, while avoiding the struggles of attaching documents via email
How to Market Your Consulting Business by...
Two consultant marketing strategies are article writing and public speaking. Don’t deviate from education-based marketing if you want great results.
Product Life Cycle
Find the definition for Product Life Cycle model.
Gain Extra Billable Hours in Your 8-Hour Workday
By following these quick strategy tips, you can easily gain an extra two hours of billable time in your normal consulting workday by controlling those pesky administrative tasks.
How Email Marketing Can Save Time and Deliver...
Drip marketing, sometimes called auto responder campaigns or life cycle email marketing, involves automatically sending a series of emails to a prospective or current client over a set period of time.
Barriers to Entry
Definition for Barriers to Entry
How to Close The Sale Without Closing or...
This is the diagnostic sales process.You'll see how naturally it comes to you. Forget the bad sales techniques and focus on being the consultant.
What's the best form of marketing for...
Education based marketing is delivered to clients through written materials, publicity, seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, websites, and videos.
How to Earn More Income as a Problem Solver
The best way to sell to consulting clients is to not try to sell them at all. Change from selling to problem solving, and you'll be more successful.
How to Get Big Consulting Clients Using...
Unlike network-based marketing, research-based consultant marketing is a hybrid form of education-based marketing.
Business Process Outsourcing
Clients are seeking business process outsourcing as a cost-effective means to provide support to their businesses.
How to Get More Consulting Prospects by Blogging
Blogging is a targeted and often well networked marketing method for consultants that requires much less time than print or video marketing.
Request for Quote
Find the definition of RFQ, or Request for Quotes
Find the definition for KPI. Consulting/Freelance.
7 Book Marketing Strategies for Independent...
When you write your book, make sure you have a platform to draw readers into. Write about a specific process or a problem worth solving with your expertise.
4 Things You Need To Stop Doing on Twitter
Twitter provides a direct line of communication that makes it an effective tool for marketing yourself, your brand, and for connecting with others.
How to Market Your Consulting Practice With...
Hold a workshop as a viable consultant marketing vehicle.Take your blog posts, presentations, or videos and build your workshop around your content.
Scope Creep
Find the definition of scope creep.
Why Referrals are the Lifeblood of Consulting
A referral from someone you know and trust is a powerful means of growth for consultants. 85% of new consulting business comes through endorsements.
Top 10 Networking Guidlines for Consultants
Just like referral and partnership marketing, network-based marketing is the most successful type of self-promotion for many successful consultants.
4 Reasons Why You Should Never Sell as a...
A selling mindset is not healthy for your consulting business. Most consultants are just not good at sales. Fortunately there are better ways to become a profitable consultant.
When and How to Use Diagnostic Profiles To Help...
In order to uncover and solve your consulting clients business problems, you must be able to quantify your professional diagnosis of their issues.
How to Close The Sale Without Closing the Door...
Here’s a great rule of thumb to help you close the business without closing the door altogether. I like to think of it as the “You Asked” close.
How to Create Killer Press Releases
Craft a killer press release by giving reporters something that helps them do their job. If you help reporters do their job, they will help you.
The Doctor is In: A Step-by-Step Diagnosis for...
When using the Diagnostic Sales Process, you'll win this client’s business because you didn't jump at selling them a solution.
How to Grow Your Consulting Business Worldwide
As a consultant there will be opportunities to work internationally. Nurture opportunities, as they can be rewarding for finance and growth.
3 Tips for Writing a Consulting Contract
Draft a consulting contract that clearly outlines your work, the payment you’ll receive, and provides legal protection for both parties involved
7 Steps to Attracting More Consulting Clients...
To market your consulting practice using press releases, it must be relevant and current in the news and connects to something extremely relevant.
The 3 Big Truths Behind Selling Your Consulting...
A successful approach to selling your consulting is a service that can fix someone's problems. People want to buy for their own reasons, not yours.
Indepedent Contractor
Distinguishing between an employee and an independent contractor is essential. The IRS can tack on steep fees if you don't know the difference between the two.
Why Consultants Should Get Their Project...
The benefits you’ll reap makes a PMP certification a worthy investment. Here are a few reasons why obtaining your certification is a good idea.
What is benchmarking? Get the definition and how benchmarking is used by consultants.
Outsourcing for Consultant Business Success
Outsource as many business tasks as possible. Ask yourself what tasks and duties can someone else do that free me up my time to generate revenue.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Definition of Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO.
8 Steps To Landing Multiple Consulting Clients
Combining networking with the fortitude to try something different, research marketing can be an incredibly successful way to market yourself.
Force Majeure
Definition of force majeure. Consulting/Freelance.
SE Tax
Learn whether or not you should pay SE taxes on your freelance earnings.
Top <!-- \$ITEM_COUNT --> Ways to Land Your...
Making the transition from a full time job to a consulting career can seem like a risky financial move. By converting your former boss into your first client you can start your business with a paying customer.
RFP. Consulting / Freelance.
Bail-out Clause
Find the definition for bail-out clause.
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