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Get Hired by the Clients You Want to Work With

Ready to expand your consulting business by targeting new clients? Don't wait for the best-of-the-best to find you. Use these top six methods to approach the companies that you really want to work with - and get started growing your client list.

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How to Market Your Consulting Business by Writing and Speaking

Two consultant marketing strategies are article writing and public speaking. Don’t deviate from education-based marketing if you want great results.

More Blogging Tips for Consultants [Part 2]

Blogs should not be thought of as fancy marketing brochures. They’re an almost unmatched way to bring prospects to you and interact with them.

How to Get More Consulting Prospects by Blogging

Blogging is a targeted and often well networked marketing method for consultants that requires much less time than print or video marketing.

Attract More Consulting Clients Using Social Media

Social media provides a way to educate your tribe. To build a profitable consulting practice you need to use several social media channels together.

The 3 Golden Rules to More Consulting Clients

The golden rule to education based marketing is to give it away for free. But if you give the solution away, then why would they need you anymore?

What's the Best Form of Marketing for Consultants?

Education based marketing is delivered to clients through written materials, publicity, seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, websites, and videos.

How to Get Hired by a Consulting Firm

If you're looking to join a consulting firm rather than becoming an independent consultant, there are pros and cons. Here are a few points to consider when deciding what to do.

How to Create a Great Consulting Business Plan

A business plan is dynamic and designed to be modified as the business grows. Its structure is flexible. Your business plan needs to be quick and effective.

Profitable Consulting Tips for Dealing With Hagglers

Consultants don't realize that when you lower your consulting fee, you've enabled a behavior that will cost you money and jeopardize your practice.

3 Profitable Consulting Resources You Must Have to Succeed

There are 3 basic but powerful consulting business tools that you must have to appear professional, competent and worthy of your prospect’s business.

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