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Consulting Specialties

When managing a consulting firm, or launching a consulting career, get information on the latest trends in your field of expertise. From IT security to international development, find detailed resources for the many areas of consulting specialties.

Project Management Organizations and Resources
There are dozens of membeship-based organizations and non-member affiliations dedicated to promoting, developing and certifying project managers. Use this list of the top U.S. and international project management organizations to access project management resources and pursue certification.

Benefits of Obtaining Project Management Certification
For a Project Management Consultant, professional certification is a necessity. Is it worthwhile for other consultants or freelancers to invest in becoming accredited in project management? The Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are among the certifications offered by the Project Management Institute. While these accreditations may not be necessary, becoming certified does offer four important benefits to your career as a consultant.

10 Growing Niche Markets for Consultants
Niche markets are proving to be lucrative for consultants who are interested in specializing in a highly-focused area of expertise. Explore 10 of the fastest-growing trends and niche markets currently offering untapped opportunity for forward-thinking consultants.

Getting Project Management Certified
Acquiring certification in project management can be beneficial and boost credibility with clients. About.com Guide to Computer Certification, Dori Reuscher, explains the three levels of certification.

What Customers Want from a Security Consultant
Increasingly businesses are outsourcing physical security contracts. If you are a security consultant, this article by About.com Guide, Ryan Groom, provides an in-depth review of a customer's crieria for selecting a security contractor.

Identify Opportunities in Marketing and Brand Management Consulting
As a marketing consultant, there are several areas in which you can specialize. Learn which one is best for you in this article from Laura Lake, About.com Guide for Marketing.

Advising Clients on Pros and Cons of Video Resumes
The popularity of YouTube has helped spur the use of video resumes among job applicants. Should you encourage clients to dabble in this medium? As an HR consultant, this article by Susan M. Heathfield helps HR professionals stay current on the latest hiring trends.

Consulting Credentials for Event Planners
Planning corporate events and high-end parties is a growing, high-paying consulting specialty. So much so, it now warrants obtaining the CMP certification. Rob Hard explains who needs this industry stamp of approval and what it takes to obtain it.

Becoming a Brand Management Consultant
A continuously growing segment in advertising is brand management. With the right background and attitude, this specialized consulting gig may be for you. Find out from this article by Marketing Guide, Laura Lake.

What's a Consultants True Purpose?
Consulting isn't just telling someone what to do. Your job is to ensure the objectives toward your clients goal and improve their overall condition.

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